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Digital Combo


Digital Combo

Swing Away Heat Press



If you want versatility and efficiency, the Digital Combo is your heat press.

Because of the elevated upper and lower platens, this powerful dynamo provides features, advantages and benefits, not found in any other press.

Available in 14"x16", this fully digital swing-away heat press boasts all of the digital features of the bigger Digital Knight swing away heat presses.

This includes Digital Temperature, Time and a Digital Pressure/Height gauge, as well as programmable presents, user definable alarms and a host of other digital features.

As with all Knight swing away heat presses, the press construction is a solid steel welded framework, with SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology. It carries the same warranties as the Digital Knight line of presses (lifetime on the heater element, three years on the electronics and a one year general parts and labor warranty on the rest of the press).

However, the very popular success of the Digital Combo lies in its almost instantly interchangeable system of optional heat platens and tables and the advantages of its elevated upper and lower platens.

Follow along with us, as we introduce you to these features and explain how they can benefit you. As we do with all the products that we provide, we will focus on the practical, not the theoretical.

First, and foremost, is the fact that even without adding any optional attachments, the Digital Combo is a very versatile and efficient heat press.
  • The 14"x16" heating area is not only big enough to do most single transfer jobs but it is also big enough to do simultaneous multiples of smaller items.

  • The lower platen is elevated about 9". This is very handy when transferring to thick, bulky items, like heavy jackets. Sleeves, shoulder pads and collars drape over and down. This helps keep the garment flat and makes transferring easier.

  • There is about 8" of free space under the lower platen, to the support post (Don't worry about its strength. It is plasma cut steel!). This is a great benefit when transferring an image to the front and back of most garments. Pull your garment over the platen to do one side, and then reverse it, to do the other side.

There are a great number of "flat" items that can be decorated (T-shirts, mouse pads, ceramic tiles, tote bags, puzzles and more) and this is the majority of the work, for most.

Many, however, need the benefit of being able to decorate other types of items, without the expense of buying completely separate heat presses. Optional attachments for the Digital Combo heat presses turn it into a cap press, plate press, etc. for less than half the price of a separate press.

Not only that, the press, with the attachment, is just as effective and efficient as having a separate press.

Optional Attachments for the Digital Combo

DC-Cap Attachment


Caps are flawlessly printed with a curved heater block and curved bottom form with a special cap-holding device (the back of the cap is held by the silver piece at the base). Two other sizes of bottom forms are also available.

The cap attachment, in particular, is a very useful attachment for many of our customers, especially if they are offering T-shirts.

The low cost of the attachment helps preserve capital, while providing the ability to imprint caps. The attachment is still useful, when volume later builds up, and you buy a separate cap press.

With help, you can now get finished in half the time.

DC-Plate Attachment

PlatesThe small upper platen shown features a circular heating element on the under-side. This circular heating element fits inside the flat portion of the plate. Also included is a metal template tray and rubber pad (under the plate) for centering the plate on the lower platen.

The attachment comes in 4.5" and 5.5" versions. We suggest getting the 4.5" version. The 5.5" version is for a larger plate, which is sometimes difficult to find.

Ceramic plate and ceramic mug sublimation is done with sublimation inks (see DyeSubInks.com).


DC-Mug Attachment

MugsThe full wrap mug attachment for the Digital Combo uses the same exact super-robust heater band & pressure adjustment as the DK3.

All standard cylindrical sublimatable items can be pressed on the Full Wrap Mug Attachment.

The Digital Combo press controls the temperature and serves as a timer for this instant plug-in attachment!

DC-Cube Attachment

TilesMemo cubes are properly clamped and pressed in the cube fixture. Images are successfully pressed around the cubes' sides for a continuous image wrap.

This is an interesting attachment and the imprinting is usually done as a heat transfer, on paper cubes.

Not a lot of our customers get this attachment, but the ones who do, seem well satisfied.

However, be aware that printing on 3-4 sides of a memo cube is fairly labor-intensive.

More Accessories

Teflon Pad - More Details
Teflon Sheet - More Details
Felt Pads - More Details

Final Points To Ponder

  • Although the optional attachments are very attractive in efficiency (it usually takes less than a minute to switch attachments) and low price, we probably wouldn't get them if our primary work was special event, mobile retailing. We would probably buy separate presses. The reason for this is because while the attachments are easily and quickly swapped, it means the press can only do one thing at a time. There is often only a 3-4 hour selling time at a special event and people don't like to wait. Speed increases sales.

  • The press weighs 135 lbs. (61 Kilos) because it is made from plasma cut steel. While it is certainly a robust press, consider this carefully, if "pick-it-up" mobility is important. A lighter press might be more practical.

  • The lower platen of the DC16 is about 9" from the bottom of the press. This makes the working area of the press really too high for a standard counter-top and you may need to make a table, after you receive the press. The ideal lower platen height of any heat press is around waist height and a very sturdy worktable can be made with a few nails, 2x4's and plywood.

  • Optional sizes (not shown on this page) of bottom platens are also available (12x14, 10x12, 6x8, 3x5 and 3x3) for specialized work. Call us for details.

  • Like all manual Knight heat presses, the DC16 is always in stock. The press ships the same day ordered or, if late in the day, the next day. 220v conversions (mostly for our international clients as there is no need in the US and Canada) requires one extra day.
If we were going back into retail, the DC16 would probably be our press of choice, because of its useful versatility. Often, however, size does matter and your specific needs may require a larger press.. If there is a question in your mind, please call us at 800-908-9916 or 615-833-5910 (local or international).

From a business viewpoint, we could care less about what press you purchase. From a personal viewpoint, we are highly interested in helping you to select the perfect tool, to get your work done. Your press will last many, many years.

Pricing the basic press, attachments and accessories

Download the Manual

DC16 - Digital Combo

In stock and ready for
immediate shipping!

120 lbs (55 Kilos)
1500 Watts - 13 Amps (110V) / 7 Amps (220V)
Size: 22"W x 22"D x 22"H

List price $1195.00
Our price $1155.00

Purchase Online

If you have any questions, call
(800) 908-9916

Optional stand
(Assembly required)

In stock and ready for
immediate shipping!

98 lbs.
Our price $295.00

Purchase Online

If you have any questions, call
(800) 908-9916

Optional Attachments
for the DC16

Forms for the cap attachment:
4x7 / 3.5x6.5 / 3x5

Plate Attachment
Cap Attachment (4x7)
Cap Forms 3x5 or 3.5x6.5
1/2 Mug Attachment
Full Mug Attachment
Cube Attachment
DC16 Bottom Heated Platen

More Info
DC16 Teflon Pad
DC16 Teflon Sheet
DC16 Felt (Two Pieces)

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