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"The Uniform King"

18x20 swing-away
heat transfer press

Manufactured exclusively for Alpha Supply Co. by George Knight Mfg., "The Uniform King" heat press combines size, power and a unique "under-cut" beneath the lower heat press plate to make 2-sided garment decorating a breeze.

The actual space beneath the platen is 17.5". To ensure platen stability, the support structure is plasma cut steel, with unique rib bracing, which is welded, after cutting.

As the country boy said about a local mountain, "It ain't going nowhere".

DK1820STThe 17.5" under-cut means the largest of uniforms or T-shirts can be pulled over the platen, all the way up to the neck!

The very large 18"x 20" platen allows you the ability to transfer even over-sized transfers to both sides of any garment.

There is also no lack of power. The 1.1" thick heater block (the standard heater block is .75") holds heat so efficiently, that heat loss is negligible, no matter how fast you are pressing.

To make your work even easier and more efficient, 22x24 and 18x20 Teflon sheets are provided free with each press. The larger sheet is for the bottom of the press (anyone who has ever used a heat press knows you cannot slide fabric across the rubber on the press) and the smaller sheet to put over the top of your transfer, when needed.

The larger sheet is duct-taped to the lower platen. Unfortunately, the design of the press prohibits "slip-cover" type pads, like we provide for the other presses.

Like all George Knight swing-away heat presses, "The Uniform King" uses SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology. This benefits you greatly because there is more square inches of the tightly wound heating element, than on other presses. This technology provides extremely even heat and fast heat-up times.

Also standard is the oversized-digit LCD display to show the digitally controlled time and temperature in Fahrenheit or Centigrade. The LCD controller also provides up to 70 programmable presets to lock-in the correct time and temperature for many different types and thicknesses of substrates.

Again standard, is the ingenious height/pressure gauge (also programmable). This useful tool, not found on other heat presses, allows the operator to accurately adjust the height and pressure for thin fabrics all the way up to 1" thick items. This is a very handy benefit when transferring to items of different thicknesses.

The Manufacturers Features and Benefits Overview

  • Fully digital temperature control.
  • Automatic digital timer.
  • Digital pressure/height gauge.
  • 70 Programmable presets.
  • Solid steel welded framework.
  • Two interchangeable trays.
  • SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology.
  • Massive 1.1" thick heat platen.
  • Lifetime warranty on heat platen.
  • 3-year warranty on control panel.
  • 1 year warranty on entire press.
  • Temperature readout accuracy +-2°F.
  • Sselectable end-of-cycle alarms.
  • Record's pressing cycles done.
  • Transfers materials up to 1" thick.
  • Teflon sheets included

Our Overview

This is a lot of press and it is not a lightweight in ability, weight or price.

It can do anything that will fit on the press. It can finesse transferring to a tiny 1" charm, effortlessly sublimate 9, 4x4 ceramic tiles simultaneously or even many dozens of small items.

Its' design forte however, is to provide you with the ability to quickly and easily (which means profitable) transfer very large images or lettering to both sides of a garment. With a standard press, this task ranges from very difficult to impossible.

At 240 lbs. (109 Kilos) most of our clients have this press in a stationary location. A few, however, haul it in a truck and use it at special events. The reason they do this is because there is a lot of competition at the events they attend and they are the only ones who can offer full-size transfers on both sides of a shirt.

DK20S with StandNote: Because the press is so heavy and some users want to be able to move it around, an optional stand for the press can also be ordered. It is a custom made, solid steel, welded stand, with locking castors.

While we think the value of the press, because of its' unique abilities, is worth the price, it is certainly not cheap. Here are some good pros and cons about purchasing "The Uniform King".

From a garment viewpoint, the press' ability to easily transfer large images to both sides can provide a strong competitive edge. There is a significant market percentage that wants images on both sides of a garment.

In most markets this desire is not being satisfied because of retail price. As we stated earlier, it is very difficult, using standard equipment, to image both sides of a shirt and it is very time consuming. Because of this, the retailer has to charge a lot more.

A press that allows you to easily imprint a second side, in less than a minute, provides you a strong advantage: in profit and time.

In times past, we ourselves were very successful retailers and a part of our success was because we always tried to have an edge in skill, equipment and process. Our thinking, however, was always practical and based on budget and benefits.

If your budget is tight and purchasing "The Uniform King" is going to deplete your resources to the point that you will have trouble buying supplies we definitely would not get the press. The DC16 and DK20S are excellent heat presses and you will be better served getting one of them and keeping some resources to operate on.

There is also the question of benefits. "The Uniform King" is an awesome press but if you don't see yourself doing the type of work that utilizes the main features of the DK1820ST, then another press would be more logical.

Whatever you choose, we want it to be the perfect tool for your work. If you need questions answered, call us. We will tell you what we honestly think.

The Uniform King™ Heat Press

Included In The Price
  • 1 - DK1820ST heat press.
  • 1 - 22x24 Teflon sheet.
  • 1 - 18x20 Teflon sheet.
  • Weight - 240 lbs.
  • Electrical - 1800 watts / 15 amps.
  • Dimensions - H - 24" W - 21" D - 32"
  • Price - $2,095.00
  • Contact us for freight rates to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or International
  • 110v standard - 220v available at no extra charge

In stock and ready for immediate shipping!

Purchase Online

Or call 800-908-9916
Local 615-833-5910

The Uniform King™ Heat Press
with Stand

Included In The Price
  • 1 - DK1820ST heat press.
  • 1 - TA table stand, (assembly required)
  • 1 - 22x24 Teflon sheet.
  • 1 - 18x20 Teflon sheet.
  • Weight - 375 lbs.
  • Electrical - 1800 watts / 15 amps.
  • Dimensions - H - 24" W - 21" D - 32"
  • Price - $2,394.00
  • Contact us for freight rates to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or International
  • 110v standard - 220v available at no extra charge

In stock and ready for immediate shipping!

Purchase Online

Or call 800-908-9916
Local 615-833-5910

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