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Digital Knight

DK20S 16x20

swing-away heat
transfer press.

The DK20S combines a heavy-duty solid steel, industrial grade, pressing framework with accurate and easy to use electronics to provide the operator with the best possible features and equipment needed for today's various heat transfer applications.

A 16"x 20" heat press is considered to be a large press and is as big as the average owner will ever need. Those dealing with oversized heat transfers and those printing 13x19 sublimation transfers find the DK20S very effective. However, even larger and more powerful heat presses are available for more effective specialized needs..

Utilizing a state-of-the-art control system and heavy-duty solid steel welded framework, this machine boasts a lifetime warranty (of your ownership) on the heat platen, and an unprecedented 3-year warranty on the heat-control electronics.

The heat platen uses SuperCoil-MicrowindingT heater technology, a system of embedded heater windings that wind tightly and closely together throughout the entire platen for extremely even heat, fast recovery and fast heat up times.

A fast heat recovery time is very beneficial when transferring to thick items like plaques or very cold items, like ceramic tiles. Not only does this provide more even heating but also it takes less heating time.

The effective working area of this press is 15x19, because you should always keep your work at least one-half inch from the outer edges of the press.

The controller utilizes an easy to read oversized-digit LCD display to show time and temperature simultaneously, and the temperature readout is accurate within +-2. The controller also features a digital height/pressure gauge for displaying current height settings. The operator can use the 70 programmable presets for saving common application settings of Temp/Time/Pressure, ensuring consistent, repeatable results for all applications. The press is adjustable to accommodate materials from fabric thickness all the way up to 1" thick substrates!

At 185 lbs. (84 Kilos) and with a footprint of about 18"x 32", the DK20S is a big, heavy press.

Because of this, many prefer the ability to easily move the press around in their work area.

DK20S with StandThe DK20ST shown to the right is the heat press bolted to a solid steel welded table, with locking ball bearing castors. Note: The press can be easily unbolted.

Store the press in a convenient corner and then easily roll it to your workstation or multiple workstations.

Many, for example, prefer to have separate workstations for ceramic tiles (because of dust) and garments (because of lint).

The DK20ST is crated and shipped as a single unit, via truck (in Canada and the "lower 48") and via air cargo to the rest of the world. Once you get it inside, it can be uncrated and rolled to wherever you wish.

The Manufacturers Features and Benefits Overview

  • Fully digital temperature control.
  • Automatic digital timer.
  • Digital pressure/height gauge.
  • 70 Programmable presets.
  • Solid steel welded framework.
  • Interchangeable tables.
  • SuperCoil-MicrowindingT heater technology.
  • Accommodates materials up to 1" thick.
  • Optional welded steel stand (assembly required)
  • 3-year warranty on control.
  • Temperature readout accuracy +-2F.
  • User selectable end-of-cycle alarms.
  • Records number of pressing cycles done.
  • Teflon-coated " thick heat platen.
  • Lifetime warranty on heat platen.
  • 1 year warranty on entire press.

Our Overview

Over the years, the DK20S has received reviews, in many national trade magazines, as an outstanding heat press. This is our view also.

Not only is the press powerful and efficient, its size allows transferring very large single images or images on multiple, smaller substrates. There is not anything that we know of, that will fit on the press, that it won't do.

The DK20S works with anything from a 1" charm to an oversized 13"x19" heat transfer. If also effortlessly imprints up to 3 license plates at a time, or 6 - 6"x 6" or 9 - 4"x 4" tiles or, with jigs, dozens of key chain holders, etc.

Large "swing-away" heat presses cost more than their simpler "clamshell" counterparts, but if your budget allows it, this is a great press! Later on, add a DK3 mug press and a DK7 cap press and you are ready for any opportunity.

If you want to learn more about ceramic tile sublimation and actually see how the felt is used, visit another of our web sites TheTileMaster.com.

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Teflon Pad - More Details
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Download the Manual


  • Weight: 185 Lbs. (84 Kilos)
    Electrical: 1800 Watts / 15 Amps (110V) / 8 Amps (220V)
    Dimensions: 32" D x 18" W x 18" H
  • List price $1,450.00
  • Our price $1,392.00 (add $35 for 220V )

In stock, ready for immediate shipping.

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If you have any questions, call
(800) 908-9916

Optional stand (assembly required)

  • Weight: 98 Lbs. (119 Kilos)
  • Our price $298.00

Purchase Online

If you have any questions, call
(800) 908-9916

DK20S Teflon Pad
DK20S Teflon Sheet
DK20S Felt (Two Pieces)

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