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DK20JS - Jumbo 20x25

The Lexington - 14x36
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George Knight
Heat Transfer Press

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George Knight & Co., Inc.

Important to you: This web site has every current George Knight heat press, including three that are manufactured by them, exclusively for Alpha Supply Co.

For easy browsing, you can click on any thumbnail picture below and go directly to a detailed information page, dealing with that heat press.

Also Important To You - Below the Knight heat press section, are links to our other heat press and imprinting web sites. These classroom web sites are written to teach you about Inkjet Sublimation for items like mugs, mouse pads, tiles, etc., heat transfer paper for the T-shirt Business and Laser Printer Sublimation for the awards and trophy business.

Swing Away Heat Presses

Click here for this pressDC16
The "Digital Combo" is a very versatile heat press that also has optional press attachments.
This powerful 16x20 press efficiently transfers large images to anything that will fit on the press.
"The Tile Master" is designed for those needing maximum productivity in ceramic tile sublimation.
"The Uniform King" heat press has a 17.5" bottom clearance which makes double-sided transferring very quick and easy.
The "Jumbo Swinger" at an extra-large 20x25 provides power and size for large items and multiple transfers.
Like its namesake,
"The Lexington" is a unique heat press, and absolute workhorse!

Optional Stand for
DK20S, DK20, DK16, DC16 and DK20SP
The Digital Knight
solid steel, Universal
stand, with locking casters.

Mug Press
Cap Press
This versatile and efficient side-loading mug press is probably one of the best values on the market.
This totally digital press is offered as a single station and twin station cap press. It is an efficient and impressive press.

Clamshell Heat Presses
This 16x20 machine is a very efficient T-shirt press with two miniature gas shocks to assist in opening.
This 14x16 clamshell press (lifts straight up and down) is the baby brother of the 16x20, DK20 clamshell.

Small Label Heat Presses
This handy 6x8 specialty press is also provided with a 3x5 and 3x3 lower table, at no additional charge.
This label press is produced with twin lower platens that can produce extra efficiency on long-running jobs.

Small, Portable Heat Presses
This 9x12 portable press is great for heat transfers. The small size and light weight also makes it ideal for mobile retailers.
At 55 lbs., this 12x14 press provides a larger heating area, but it is still small and light, for easy portability.

Bottom Heated Presses
A few commercial and industrial heat sealing needs require top and bottom heat. This is an excellent press.
The DK8 (6x8) label press can also be configured with top and bottom heat. The bottom table must be 6x8.

Air Automatic Heat Presses
394 Twin
Shuttle Press

This high volume shuttle press is very efficient and can develop up to 12,000 lbs. of force, for specialty needs.
This 16x20 machine is an air automatic swing away press. For efficiency you will need about a 6 gal. Compressor.
This 6x8 air automatic press is very efficient for small items and high volume commercial needs.

What we offer our customers…

  • We gladly welcome your calls or e-mailed request for more information.
    Call us at 800-908-9916 or Send us an Email

  • We stock most Knight heat presses and ship the same day ordered (if in the morning) or, at the latest, the next day.

  • We provide solid, practical advice on heat press selection and operation, based on several decades of actually using heat presses.

  • When you call us you will speak to owners Jack Franklin or Roy Hinkle, not a salesperson who has never used a heat press in the "real world".

  • While all heat presses are discount priced, we have been told that our freely shared knowledge and experience is even more valuable.

  • We ship all Knight heat presses worldwide, except to the UK which is restricted.

  • Para mas informacion en Español, por favor contacte Ernesto Espinel al 770-262-4462 o ernie@sublimationcartridge.com

Alpha Supply Co.

"Providing products and information to help you succeed"

We provide information on twelve web sites, to help you succeed. Knowledge is power and the keys to your success. The better the facts that you have, the better your decisions will be for you, so we offer a lot of facts.

Study the web sites that interest you and then call us for even more detailed information.

The site in Red, is the site you are on. Your learning tour starts with the site map.
There is a description of each site. Just click on the link in the correct box.

Our Sublimation and Heat Transfer Web Sites
Profitable full color laser sublimation for the gold and silver metal, used by award, sign and specialty shops
Inkjet Sublimation
Inkjet sublimation for polyester
fabrics, mugs, mousepads, license plates, tiles, ceramic plates, caps,
FR plastics and much more.
Alpha Supply
Simple single color black laser sublimation for plaques, trophies, badges, signs, etc.
Heat Transfers
Heat transfer paper for 100% cotton fabrics (including black) using standard inks and inkjet printers
Sublimation Library
An archive of our published sublimation business newsletters, magazine and web articles
For Sign Shops
Awards and sign sublimation and business ideas about how it benefits sign shops
Sublimation Business
An overview of single color
sublimation and how many profit with their creative ideas
Color Laser Sublimation
An additional resource site explaining full color laser sublimation

Our Heat Press Web Sites
Knight Heat Presses
Swing-away and large format heat transfer and sublimation heat presses
The Tile Master
The world's only heat press designed for high volume tile imprinting production
Mug Presses
Pricing and comparisons of the three top ranked full-wrap mug presses
HIX Heat Presses
Clamshell heat transfer and sublimation heat presses
Stahls, Hotronix and MightyPress
Swing-away, Clamshell, Draw table and large format
heat transfer and sublimation heat presses

More of the Knight success story…

The array of heat transfer machine choices offered by George Knight & Company is truly impressive. From the small DK8 label press to the massive 931 TRITON with its arena sized (54" x 103") heating head, Knight and Alpha Supply designed heat presses provide a solution to almost any production and budget need.

While best known for "swing away" type heat presses, George Knight, with 119 years of manufacturing experience, turns even ordinary heat presses into extraordinary production tools.

With a variety of small, large, single and twin head heat presses, Knight anticipates your needs now, and in the future.

However, from large to small, standard to unique, the "heart" of any heat transfer machine is its heat platen and its "brain," the digital control panel regulating the heat press. Knight excels in both areas.

The state-of-the-art digital microprocessor control and proprietary heat control circuit is sturdy enough that Knight backs it with an unprecedented 3-year warranty.

While a lifetime warranty on heat press heating platens is an industry standard, it means little if the head does not deliver efficient and even heating.

The SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology of Knight heat presses guarantees even and efficient heating

Information for a variety of imprinting and decorating needs is found on our above 12 classroom web sites.

At Alpha Supply Company we are totally committed to successfully helping you select exactly the right products to fit your needs, and to allow you to grow. This commitment is reinforced with decades of "real world" experience.

You are welcome to call us and discuss your needs at (800) 908-9916.

Happy Pressing!
Jack Franklin & John Pratt

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